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BancoEstado US Patriot Act - 2021

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AML Policy Statement - 2021

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Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire (CBDDQ) - 2021

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Law Nº 20,393 establishes the Criminal Liability of Legal Entities for offenses committed by their workers whereby the company benefits. The BancoEstado corporation holds a prevention model that contemplates a whistleblowing channel associated with the offenses set forth in the Law; 1.- Asset Laundering (Article N°27 Law 19,913); 2.-Terrorism Financing (Article N°8 Law N ° 18,314); 3.-Bribery (Articles N°250 and 251 bis of the Penal Code), 4 .-Concealment Article 456 bis A of the Penal Code, 5.-Incompatible Negotiation (Article 240 of the Penal Code), 6.-Corruption between Individuals (Articles 287 bis and 287 ter of the Penal Code), 7.-Misappropriation (Article 470 N°1 of the Penal Code) and 8.-Unfair Administration (Article 470 N°11 of the Penal Code), whose objective is to prevent and avoid the commission of any of the aforementioned crimes.

 In this manner and related to Law Nº20,393 customers, suppliers, employees or other people will find in this website the contents that could correspond to criminal offenses included in this law, in terms of Criminal Liability of Legal Entities.

At BancoEstado and subsidiaries, we are extremely concerned that this channel be used for the purpose stated above in a framework of total responsibility and awareness of the seriousness of the crimes undertaken by this law and its possible effects on customers and users.

BancoEstado is committed to guaranteeing that all communications received will be dealt with and answered, and when necessary, the accusations will be diverted to the corresponding organizations, as established in Law Nº20,393.

In addition, BancoEstado guarantees confidentiality to protect the rights of the accuser, who may be an employee, a client or a supplier.

For detail about resposibilities incorporated under the Law 20,393, click the following articles:

BancoEstado Complaint Channel's Information

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Incompatible negotiation (Article 240)

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Corruption between individuals (Articles 287 bis and 287)

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Misappropiation (Article 470 Nº 1)

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Unfair Administration (Article 470 Nº11)

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Criminal Liability of Legal Persons

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Money Laundering (Art. 27)

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Bribery (Art. 250)

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Financing of Terrorism (Art. 8)

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Crime of Receipt of Stolen Goods (Article 456 bis A of the Penal Code)

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